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I am delighted to offer our second  in-person retreat coming up the weekend of October 7 -9 at the beautiful Parker Ranch in Clayton, GA. After all we’ve been through personally and collectively it will be so nice to get together to relax, enjoy mindfulness practices, lovely accommodations, fabulous food and each other’s company.

Welcome Home to Yourself: Finding Comfort in the Present Moment


When: October 7 -9 from 3 pm on Friday through 11 am on Sunday
Where: The Parker Ranch in Clayton, GA  (
Pricing: $560 (all-inclusive for a private room in gracious accommodations; nutritious, delicious, lovingly-prepared meals, and the program). More details below.


We’ll mindfully practice meditation, gentle movement, soulful writing, and deep peace yoga nidra meditation. We’ll share in wisdom circles and spend time outdoors as well as time in silence.

These practices invite us to become more spacious and to open our hearts, minds and souls as we:

  • Craft a “life review” where we explore our most meaningful experiences and from there…
  • We’ll Write our “soul memoir” to understand our lives more deeply

When we allow ourselves to look at the “big picture” of our lives we often feel some relief or completion that allows us to more deeply savor the life we’re living today. When we can more fully be with how things were and how things are, we can learn to flow in the direction of greater balance, compassion and harmony. We can learn to rest into our natural lightness of heart.

The pace of our weekend will be slow and easy. Much of Saturday will be spent in social silence. 

Absolutely No Experience in any of the practices is necessary.

Soulful Writing is a type of free writing where you simply allow your thoughts, ideas, images, emotions to flow on to the page without directing or editing – simply letting the words find their own way. It is based on the teaching of Natalie Goldberg who I was gratefully able to study with during the pandemic. It is truly a profound and transformative experience that anyone can partake of.

The other easy practices, Gentle Movement, Meditation, Relaxation and Yoga Nidra will be offered in chairs. If you would rather be on the floor, please bring your own supports for that.

The retreat is limited to 8 women. I am going to request that you take a covid test a couple of days before the retreat so that we can all feel as safe as possible. If you’re interested in attending, or if you have questions, please be in touch with me to make sure there is space. I’ll then direct you to registration.  Call or text me at 706 878 6700 or email 

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