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Linda L. Davis, MSW

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Linda L. Davis, MSW is a Clinical Social Worker, teacher and retreat leader offering holistic health and wellness services including mindfulness-based guidance, meditation, yoga therapy, wisdom circles and classes  in the North Georgia mountains and online. Her primary interest these days is in actively participating in the Conscious Aging Movement and working with older women to enhance and balance their lives in these challenging times.

Linda earned her B.A. in Psychology from Georgia State University in 1978 and her Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Georgia in 1980. She was the Assistant Director of Terrap Atlanta Phobia Clinic from 1980 through 1986. During that time, she began deepening her understanding of solutions for stress and anxiety disorders by practicing Yoga, T’ai Chi, meditation and Mindfulness as well as training in the clinical applications of guided imagery, art and creative therapies,  body-focused Therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, relaxation and hypnosis.  Linda went into full-time private practice as a psychotherapist in Atlanta in 1982, working with individuals, couples and groups. She moved to the N. Georgia mountains in the early 90’s where she continued to practice. 

Linda let go of her clinical practice a few years ago in favor of teaching and mentoring. Currently, she offers mindfulness-based guidance in a variety of classes, wisdom circles, retreats and private sessions.

Linda’s teaching weaves together Western Psychology with Buddhism, mindfulness and other contemplative practices as she continues to guide and support those who are having difficulties with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, grief and aging issues as well as teaching those who seek  instruction in learning or deepening a mindfulness meditation practice and how to use mindfulness for well-being. Linda  offers workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions primarily for women over 60.  In recent years she has studied Conscious Aging and Grief and Loss with leading teachers as well as receiving Certification as an IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator.  Linda meets with each individual, group or class with respect and compassion. All faiths are welcomed and respected. 

Linda has a rich, adeventure-filled background. She was fortunate to be able to travel to India and Nepal in the early 1970’s. It was there that she started exploring Eastern Spiritual traditions and meditation. She began studying the relationship between Psychotherapy, Buddhism and meditation with Dr. John Welwood in the mid-80’s. From there her Buddhist mindfulness meditation training and practice deepened as she  attended more than 40 silent retreats of varying lengths (including two month-longs) over the years. She has been blessed with many respected teachers including Bhante Gunaratana, Shinzen Young, Marcia Rose, Leigh Brasington, Rodney Smith,  Thanisarro Bhikku, Cheri Huber and many more. Leigh Brasington gave Linda his blessing to teach in 2009. Linda graduated from Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s two-year Buddhist Studies Program (DPP)  in 2007. Her teachers in that program included Jack Kornfield, Guy Armstrong, James Baraz, Sally Clough, and Norm Fischer.

Linda’s T’ai Chi and Qi Gong teachers have included the founding teachers at the Atlanta T’ai Chi Association beginning in 1982, followed by studies with Sifu Frank Gibson ( a senior student of Master Ni), Chris Gresov (a senior student of William C.C. Chen) and Franz Moerkle.  She was authorized to teach the T’ai Chi Chuan Yang Style short form by Chris Gresov.

Her Yoga Teacher Training and Certification, completed in 1998, was through Integrative Yoga Therapy and she has continued deepening her practice with certifications in Restorative Yoga, Senior Yoga and Yoga Nidra from Kripalu and more recently through the Yoga Nidra Network.  Linda is a registered teacher and trainer with Yoga Alliance. She also studied Ayurveda with Bri Maya Tiwari at her Wise Earth School in North Carolina in 1999 . She is currently a student of Advaita Zen teacher, Sri Mooji and has attended several retreats with him in Portugal.  

Linda L. Davis, MSW is a life-time student who continues to study and practice with many of the world’s most gifted teachers. During the pandemic, she studied Mindful Writing with Natalie Goldberg and has added this profound experience to her offerings. Linda delights in learning new practices and methods to enhance her own life and then to share what she’s learned with others.

For a picture journey of some of her teachers and travels and interests, click to visit her Pinterest page.

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