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I attended Linda’s Conscious Aging Class last year and it was such a game-changer for me. I was able to understand that I was buying into many of the stereotypes about aging women and how we should look and behave. I began to hear my inner critic telling me all the ways I should try to look and act younger. I had never thought about the term “ageism” but now I was seeing and hearing examples of it everywhere and especially in my own thoughts! Thanks to this class I have become much more accepting of myself and kind to myself as a proud older woman. I was also finally able to put down some heavy, old baggage that had been weighing me down forever.  I really enjoyed the whole class and the new friends I made there as well.

Mary Ann R., Athens, GA



Back in 1996, a therapist friend recommended that I try a meditation session with Linda Davis as a way to relieve the stress of my impending divorce. Although her studio at the time was quite a long trek from my house, I took my friend’s advice, went to the meditation and I’ve been a long-time student and great fan of Linda’s ever since.
I’m not, by nature a “new age” kind of person and tend to be skeptical (if not downright dismissive) of things I can’t perceive with one of the 5 senses. Yet for the past 20-plus years, I’ve kept coming back to Linda’s meditation sessions, retreats and get-togethers because I know I’ll achieve a deep level of relaxation, I’ll meet wonderful people and I’ll feel altogether refreshed afterwards. I have one of Linda’s relaxation CDs and listen to it whenever I have trouble falling asleep – works like a charm every time!
Linda is an extremely open, caring and understanding person, and I sincerely recommend her as a therapist, teacher, or meditation/retreat leader. Try one of her classes or sessions once and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Tobie Kranitz, John’s Creek, GA

I have experienced Linda’s teaching through yoga and meditation classes and as a retreat leader. What is most remarkable is her gentle approach. She introduced some life changing thoughts to me at just the right time to help me break out of old negative patterns and find much more peaceful and fulfilling attitudes and response patterns. Yet she did so unobtrusively in ways that allowed my resistant ego to release to change. Her wisdom runs deep and strong like water over stone.

All those who work with Linda benefit from the many years of practice and devoted study in her own life.
Mary Ellen Rand
Linda Davis helped me get my life back. When I first started working with Linda, I was consumed with anxiety. I was watching my life change as a result. I withdrew from my loved ones, declined social invitations, and canceled vacations. My life and the space in which I had to live it was shrinking due to the strong and constant undertone of anxiety I was dealing with. Linda gave me hope. I went from wondering if “this was it” to looking forward to the future, feeling confident in my skills to face whatever might come my way, and seeing possibilities beyond what I could have previously imagined. I feel an enormous amount of gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with Linda. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


“I have experienced Linda as a Tai Chi and Yoga teacher and now as a Yoga Nidra facilitator.  She brings years of knowledge to her work and is a truly kind and gentle soul. Linda always creates a safe and comforting environment that allows you to let go of all stress as she guides you through a beautiful Yoga Nidra meditation. It is an experience that will open your heart and fill it with joy and peace. Through her retreats she always manages to smooth off the rough edges and create a soft space for you to rest and be free.”

Taylor Nicole Turner


“Linda’s Rest and Restore retreat was the perfect way for me to welcome the New Year! We gently stretched, meditated, relished some restorative yoga, and arose blissfully refreshed and so comforted after a beautifully deep Yoga Nidra session, which she so kindly and gently began with a message of “Welcome home to yourself.” And THEN there was chocolate! It was the sweetest experience in every respect. Linda’s manner is so easy, natural, warm, funny, playful, and relaxed. I’m so comfortable in her presence and SO grateful for the retreats she offers!!”

~ Lisa Crockett

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