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Mindfulness-Based Mentoring

 I warmly welcome women over 60 to explore my private, one-on-one sessions. I’m mostly meeting on zoom these days (or by phone if you prefer). In either setting I offer you a kind and safe space where you can be seen and heard.

Our later years present unique issues that are new and challenging for most of us – losses of many kinds and the accompanying grief, dealing with the myriad changes in our dear aging bodies and often our circumstances as well while learning to face the last years of our lives with as much compassion, courage, grace and wisdom as we possibly can. 

 You’ll see on other pages of this site that I offer small group experiences including healing and wisdom circles, workshops, yoga classes and retreats which I invite you to consider, but I know that sometimes you might prefer private sessions where you can open your heart no matter what is going on with you.  If so, I welcome you to be in touch with me.

Through Mindfulness-based mentoring and guidance, I will teach you skills that allow you to live in the present, let go of the past, and reduce the anxiety caused from worrying about the future. These include the heart-centered meditation practices of mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness and loving-kindness along with skills to ease anxiety, insomnia, stress, fear and sadness.

I recently turned 75 and have a lifetime of clinical, spiritual and practical experience to offer you.  My intention is to help you find inner peace and balance in your later years.  

Together we will look at what might be holding you back from living your most fulfilling life and explore ways to help you move forward. 

My highly personalized approach is tailored to your individual needs.  I offer my open-hearted and compassionate presence to you and will walk with you along the healing path that feels most comfortable to you. I offer my services on a sliding scale from $65 to $105 per hour depending on your means. I gladly offer a 15-minute consultation to answer any questions. Just click the button below to be in touch

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