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Each time we gather in circle, the world heals a little more

Welcome to our AgeWise Women’s Meditation & Support Circle. In this supportive, sharing circle, we come together to explore ways to keep our hearts and minds open in these challenging times. Our later years offer both opportunities and challenges unique to this stage of life. It is so rewarding to gather with our peers as we view life from our longer view. 

Exploring principles, practices and wisdom primarily from Buddhism along with other contemplative spiritual traditions, we’ll explore how to support values such as compassion, inclusion and generosity in order to dispel anxiety, fear and confusion. Recent topics have included: Don’t Wait, Final Wishes, How to Take it to the Limit one more time…if you’re over 70!  Learning to Listen,  Self-Compassion and Self-care,  What brings peace of mind, Keeping it Light with a sense of humor, Who is an elder? Letting Go, and Creating a Legacy. 

In each circle, we will start with silent mindfulness meditation followed by Linda offering a Dharma talk and/or readings, practices, video or poetry from wisdom keepers across a spectrum of traditions.  Afterwards we have writing therapy/free writing, and share our experiences and wisdom in a safe, supportive and confidential circle.  I invite you to come into this special space where we will strengthen our connection to ourselves and each other, replenish our courage and find relief and comfort in facing these uncertain times together.

The AgeWise Women’s Meditation & Support Circle is an ongoing group broken into 8-week segments.  It is limited to 8 members for any given segment. New members will be welcomed on a space available basis. Though very “therapeutic,”  this is a support group rather than a therapy group. If you are struggling with difficult/overwhelming emotional issues or a particularly challenging situation, please be in touch with me to explore best options.

We meet on Zoom on Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00 (ET). Tuition for the 8 weeks is on a sliding scale from $80 to $160 and you may begin when we have an opening. Your tuition will be pro-rated for the 8 week cost. 

Please contact me directly if you’re interested in joining. I’ll give you further instructions and information at that time. email:, call 706 878 0036 and leave a message (no text ) or contact me here

Age Wise Women's Meditation Circle
Age Wise Women's Support Circle

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Women's Meditation & Support Circle
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